Valentine's Gift Guide: Cute Stuff to Buy Yourself

Valentine's Day is one of those things you either look forward to with dreamy eyes or mutter viciously under your breath about, and in this age of cynics, sarcasm and shady tweets it appears that most people tend to go for the latter. In the spirit of independence, loving yourself and all that good stuff I've put together a Valentine's gift guide with a difference - a whole lot of fabulous stuff that it's more than acceptable to treat yourself to, just in case those flowers and chocolates don't turn up. Check it:

Pink photo frame - Print out your best selfie on some glossy paper and give it pride of place on your dressing table as a daily reminder of how fierce you are. Or just frame a cute pic of you and your pals like a normal person. Whatever you want.
£6.99 from H&M Home

Lips Clutch - Pucker up hun. Bags are better than boys anyway.
£14 from Boohoo

Rose gold basket - For storing magazines/makeup/scrunched-up attempts at romantic poetry in a Tumblr-worthy way.
£10 from H&M Home (similar)

Calvin Klein set - The kind of underwear that says "oh these old things?" and "I am a model in my spare time" all at once. Perfect if you get last-minute lucky.
£30 + £20 from Urban Outfitters

Satin kimono - Only to be purchased if you have a 'boudoir' rather than a bedroom. (Hint: to turn your bedroom into a boudoir, get a box of matches and a few tealights from the Londis on the corner, spray some perfume on your pillows and scatter some petals from that wilting bouquet of flowers in the dining room. Voila! Fit for Marilyn.)
£19.99 from H&M

OPI nail set - So no one can say you're not festive. You may be spending the night in alone with Idris Elba and his perfect stubble, but you have pink nails and you made yourself a cocktail that has glitter in it. Val Day fun or what?
£29.99 from Very

Patent heeled boots - A three-course meal at an over-priced restaurant or these boots delivered to your door by a handsome DPD driver? Thought so.
£89 from Topshop

Scented candle - It's cute and marble-y, plus you'll already have the matches from your boudoir-creation.
£6.99 from H&M

The Fashion Book - Because FASHUN is LIFE darling. But seriously, this is basically the bible and let's be honest - no guy is gonna get you a present this perfect.
£7.95 from Waterstones

Teacup candle - No tea, no shade, and absolutely no need for a candle in the shape of a cup and saucer - but it's really fab. And to all those that don't get my RuPaul's Drag Race references please login to Netflix and educate yourself.
£3 from Very

Rose gold brush set - Is there any truer love than the one that is felt for a brand new makeup brush? It's that time of the year after all.
£65 from Zoeva

Pom pom keyring - If you're currently crowdfunding for your next Fendi (aren't we all?) then just give your existing bag collection a lil' cute-over for now. Ok, so this pom pom isn't Fendi either, but who's really going to know?
£3.99 from New Look

Chanel Chance - Life's just better when you smell like an absolute dream, and if you're as spritz-happy as me your Christmas perfume haul will probably be looking a little lacklustre already.
£49 from Boots

Ribbed high-neck crop - To be rolled all the way over your face in the unfortunate event of stumbling upon PDA, an awkward ex or some bad lighting.
£35.65 from UNIF

Matte Liquid Lipstick - Two words: SLAY. THEM.
£21.00 from MAC (in Dance With Me)

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