BACK TO UNI - A Mini Room Tour

It's that time of the year again and it's safe to say I'm more than a bit freaked out to be starting my third and final year at uni. I've had the best summer and I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine of uni life, but I am most definitely in denial about entering the 'real' world when it's all over - can't my life just consist of noodles and wine and lie-ins forever? 
As I've arrived a bit earlier than most of my flatmates I've kind of been twiddling my thumbs for the last couple of days (even though I should probably be reading ferociously to prepare myself for the first seminars next week...) so I thought I'd take a couple of snaps to show you guys my humble term-time dwelling. I love my little room, and although there's not a huge amount of space (it's so small that I couldn't take a whole-room picture, apologies) it's cosy and an all-round good deal considering it is student accommodation. 
I'm 100% one of those people who's mood is affected by their surroundings, so as soon as I moved in I busied myself with making the empty room a bit more 'me'. Minus the hideous brown carpet and TRAGIC wardrobe (had to leave half my clothes at home - don't want to talk about it) the room is now definitely less drab and more fab. Here's to third year!
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