Style Crush: Solange Knowles

There's no doubt her big sister has raised the bar when it comes to a bit of healthy sibling rivalry, but if there's one thing Solange has got Beyonce beat at - it's knowing how to dress. The younger Knowles sister is known for her musical and DJ-ing talents, but it's her bright, statement suits and colour-pop separates that have made her a big name in the fashion scene in recent years. Solange oozes casual cool, and she's not afraid to make bold choices both in clothing and beauty (I'm referring to those incredible floor-length braids that must have required their own seat on the private jet). Considering my love of monochrome and understatement in my own personal style, my obsession with Solange's rainbow wardrobe comes as a surprise even to myself. However there's no doubt colour blocking and crazy pattern prints are summer staples - and summer is what Solange does best.

Here are some of my favourite looks (special attention to that 3.1 Phillip Lim white ensemble - absolute perfection), to give you some spring/summer inspo!

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Clueless: Beverly Hills on a Budget

Let's not beat around the bush, Clueless was the Mean Girls of the 90's but with way cuter outfits. Okay, so some of the headgear Dionne sports is questionable, and let's be honest not many of us could turn up to school rocking a feather boa, but you can't help but respect Clueless Costume Designer Mona May for her brave and inevitably iconic choices. For a 90's girl like me, watching Clueless is like watching a personalised catwalk show. Every time I watch it I notice a different pair of shoes or a cute top (sometimes I even find myself pausing parts and searching Google for a particular outfit)and I'm ALWAYS tempted to buy white knee-high socks. Always. Granted, the film is pretty dated (it came out in 1995 - I was 1 year old and couldn't really pull off anything but a baby-gro at this point) but there is a timelessness in Cher's love of fashion, and her aversion to dressing to impress guys, that means she'll always be relevant. 

Exhibit A - Iggy Azalea's amazing video for Fancy, her new track with Charlie XCX. She has the Cher strut down. Fierce.

Inspired by Iggy and Charlie, and thinking that there must be someone else out there who lusts after the Clueless wardrobe as much as me, I've put together a few outfits that are as close as we can get to Cher, Tai and Dionne's fabulosity 19 years on. On a student budget of course... no Calvin Klein for me just yet.

Here are a few of my favourites and how to wear them now:


Dress - NELLY.COM £23, Lip - 'Trigger' Topshop £9, Shoes - TARGET.COM £39

The sexiest Cher looks in the whole film (apart from that sheer blouse/Calvin Klein number - goddamn). Save for special occasions only, like trying to seduce gay guys.


Gym Bunny

Tshirt - Zalando £14, Vest - River Island £6, Shorts - H&M £3.99, 
Pumps - Dorothy Perkins £10, Bag - Accessorize £22

COME ON. Who looks that good playing tennis at school. Wish I could get my hands on that Chanel phone purse.


Queen D
Co-ord - £36, Shirt - £11, Alice Band - John Lewis £3.50, 
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins £30, Gloss - MAC Lipglass in 'Viva Glam' £9

My absolute favourite outfit of the whole film. It just works. Even the crazy 70's collar and cuffs.


Spicy Tai


Tshirt - Topshop £12, Cardigan - £7, Skirt - Zalando £29, 
Scrunchie - Forever 21 £0.60, Tights - £24, Shoes - Nine West £38

This is the first outfit Tai wears to school after her makeover, and there is no doubt she is officially a total 'Betty'. That skirt is the cutest of the cute.


Check Her Out

Beret - £5, Shirt - £18, Dress - £27, 
Blazer - Jigsaw £69, Knee Highs - Debenhams £21, Shoes - Topshop £49

Not as iconic as the yellow checked outfit Cher wears at the beginning of the film, but much more wearable. Tartan is finally back and I couldn't be happier. Me and Cher have waited for this day for 19 years.

P.s. Not only should we bring back matching outfits on a scary level, there are a few choice phrases of Cher's that need to be a thing again. Here's a quick glossary of the best 90's slang to go with your new knee-highs:

1)Totally Buggin'- upset/freaking out
2)As if! - used to express disbelief
3)Baldwin/Betty - goodlooking guy/girl
4)Monet - someone who looks good from far away but up close it's a 'big old mess'

Cher it up Bettys!
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Wanna-beys: The 5 Best Beyonce Covers

Although the majority of us are guilty of getting our diva on in the privacy of our own shower (excellent acoustics and wet hair whipping practically equal part two of the Crazy In Love video am I right?) it is only the very brave and very talented who dare to tackle the dreaded Beyonce Cover and share it with the world. Although I have spent many a happy hour (when I should be doing uni work, cleaning, or some other mundane, un-fab task) browsing home-made YouTube videos of people belting out Bey numbers, those who really seem to do the Queen justice tend to be musicians that we already know and love. I've always been a huge fan of Radio 1/1Xtra's Live Lounge and have recently been trawling through their back catalogue, as well as Rinse FM and Ont' Sofa archives to dredge up some of the most glorious Beyonce covers you will ever hear. You'll be singing 'SURFBORT' all week. You're welcome.

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